Hands-on Approach to Collection Recovery

Operating for more than 80 years, The Best Service Company of Culver City, California, is fully licensed to offer collection recovery in the United States. If no collection takes place, you are not charged. We work on a contingency and commission basis for the banking and credit union sectors.

Litigation Program

Since our doors first opened, we have maintained an in-house legal department of two staff attorneys and paralegals. We advance all of the court costs and attorney fees, so there is no out-of-pocket expense for clients. This is a vital component in the recovery process.

Credit Reporting

The Best Service Company reports delinquent information to the national credit bureaus, which are Experian™, TransUnion™, and Equifax™. Reporting is another aid in the collection process.


Asset Location

The type of assets utilized to enforce collection includes employment, homeownership, bank accounts, and ongoing businesses. These are also used for post-judgment recovery remedies.

Skip Tracing & Judgment Enforcement

We have the ability to locate consumers who have relocated and determine their whereabouts, new address, and phone numbers. Additionally, our agency executes the actions needed to enforce a judgment.

Compliance Management System

The Best Service Company follows compliant registration and oversight practices, all mandated training guidelines and maintains high levels of professionalism for standards and evaluations. Our legal department checklists and account flow procedures are within state compliance. Staff members have experience in dispute procedures and attend ongoing training. We also adhere to document retention and data destruction methods that allow for complete discretion and confidentiality.

Specific compliance documents are available to satisfy vendor management questionnaires. If necessary, we can implement disaster recovery and data breach action plans.

Features Includes:

• Cell Phone Scrub Processes • Compliance Call Monitoring & Review Program
• Compliance Documentation • Calling Policies within Frequency, Volume, & Cease & Desist Practices